who we are

We are a group of Zen practitioners in the tradition of the White Plum lineage of Taizan Maezumi, Roshi. We are directly affiliated with Great Vow Zen Monastery in Oregon. We offer people the opportunity to learn about and practice Zen Buddhism in this tradition.

statement of purpose

The emphasis at North Shore Zendo is on zazen meditation and the integration of Zen Buddhism in our daily lives. We provide instruction and a supportive structure and environment for this.

why practise zen?

Zen is a school of Buddhism that developed in China more than 1300 years ago. It is distinguished from other schools of Buddhism by its emphasis on zazen meditation.

Zen is the practice of waking up to the present moment and, through that awareness, appreciating the moment to moment reality of our lives. It is an experiential practice and does not emphasize conceptual learning. There is a saying in Zen that: “Paper cakes don’t satisfy hunger”.

Zen meditation can increase health and concentration, and decrease stress and anxiety. At root, however, it is about learning to live with appreciation and clarity.


Meditation Times

We meet weekly on Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm, and on Sunday mornings from 8am - 9am  for zazen meditation. We provide introductory instruction in zen meditation for anyone who wishes to learn, recognizing that we are all beginners.

Learn Zen Meditation

New participants are asked to call ahead and come at least 15 minutes early their first time for an introduction or review of zazen meditation practice, kinhin walking meditation and the forms which we follow in the zendo. The instructions are simple and the practice can be learned by anyone. It is not necessary to be able to sit cross legged on the floor. Please arrive on time and wear loose comfortable clothing.

There is no fee or donation required to attend, but we do sustain the zendo on peoples' donations. We ask that people make a donation when they attend, if they are able, and to be as generous as their circumstances permit


Event Calendar:

April -June

Precepts Classes: Commencing April 29th we will be offering a series of five Wednesday evening precepts classes, which will be run as lively discussion groups. Beginners are welcome and encouraged. The precepts engage us in living ethically and in harmony with others and bring our zen practice into our daily lives. Properly seen, the precepts are not a moral code to bind us but rather are the high road to freedom, ease, and joy in our lives. Many teachers have said that practicing with the practice is the essence of being truly human.
These classes will also prepare you for either jukai or wagessa ceremony, if you choose to do so. In conjunction with these classes, Hoben will devote his Thursday evening dharma talks to themes pertaining to practicing with the precepts.
The classes will be held at the NSZ zendo from 7:30 -8:30 PM on Weds April 29th, May 6th, 20th and 27th, and June 3rd (skipping May 13th because of our NSZ sesshin).
Please contact Hoben at kimhansen@telus.net or tel: 604-985-2347 if you wish to register for these classes.


Working Folks Sesshin Most of us need to attend periodic sesshin (extended meditation retreats) to provide periods of sustained zazen practice to settle the mind, deepen our practice and foster insight. Many of us work at jobs, however, that do not readily permit taking a week away to attend sesshin at Great Vow Zen Monastery. Because of this NSZ will be offering its first ever working folks sesshin the week of Saturday May 9th through Saturday May 16rh. This is a new and innovative approach to sesshin.

We will begin with a full weekend retreat the weekend of May 9th and 10th at the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society Zendo and conclude with a full day retreat at North Shore Zendo on Saturday May 16th. During the weekdays, Monday May 11th through through Friday May 15th, sesshin participants will practice as their work and family circumstances permit, while committing to the following minimum practice structure:
• We will sit together as a group each evening at the zendo from 7-9 PM. There will be a dharma talk, interviews and service each evening. The talks will address the content and themes of the Platform Sutra, a seminal text of Zen Buddhism, which sets out the teachings of the great Hui Neng, who was himself a layman.
• Everyone will sit for 50 minutes each morning, either on their own at home or at the zendo.
• On weekdays, Hoben will maintain a regular sesshin schedule in the zendo, between 6AM and 9PM. All participants are welcome to attend for morning zazen before work or at any other time during the day that they may have time.
• Everyone will practice zazen for 5 minutes each hour during the work day and follow other zazen practices that will not interfere with their work.
• Everyone will commit to abstain from non-essential electronic media, entertainment and social activities during the sesshin.
• The schedule will be modified to meet individual family and work circumstances, but participants will commit not to excuse themselves from the sesshin schedule and practices unless they have a real and pressing need to do so.

We will publish a further email with full particulars in April. In the meantime though, please do contact Hoben at kimhansen@telus.net to ask any questions you may have or to express interest in registering for the sesshin .

Zazenkai We hold monthly half-day meditation retreats called Zazenkai. Details of Zazenkai retreats will be posted here; please check frequently

     April 26 Zazenkai
     May 10 Zazenkai
     June 21 Zazenkai



Hogen Roshi will lead a non-residential meditation retreat the weekend of Friday September 17th through Sunday September 19th.This retreat will be held at the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society zendo at Fraser & 20th in Vancouver.We will publish further particulars of this event closer to the scheduled dates.


Retreats We hold non-residential weekend zen retreats in Vancouver with our teachers twice a year, or more frequently as their schedules permit. We also hold day retreats and classes from time to time.

Sesshin We attend sesshin at Great Vow Zen Monastery regularly, as our individual schedules permit, and we can often offer transportation to others wishing to attend.


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white plum lineage

The White Plum Asanga is an organization of Zen Communities in the lineage established by Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi, Roshi (1931-1995), one of the great pioneers of modern Zen, who opened up a unique tradition of Buddhist practice to a worldwide movement.

great vow zen monastery

Great Vow Zen Monastery is a residential, Zen Buddhist, training monastery located on the Columbia River in Clatskanie, Oregon. The practice is a synthesis of Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions. At the heart of training at Great Vow are monthly silent meditation intensives ranging from 6-10 days called sesshin. Great Vow also offers a variety of workshops and classes ranging from contemplative arts to compassionate communication with the intention to broaden our expression of wisdom in everyday life.


Our teachers are Chozen Bays, Roshi and Hogen Bays, Roshi who are the co-abbots of Great Vow Zen Monastery.

Jan Chozen Bays has practiced Zen Buddhism since 1973, when she commenced training with Taizan Maezumi, Roshi. She was ordained in 1979, finished formal koan study in 1983, and received Dharma transmission (authorization to teach), from Maezumi, Roshi the same year. Chozen is also a pediatrician, mother and wife.

Hogen Bays has practiced Zen Buddhism since 1968, first with Philip Kapleau, Roshi and then, commencing in 1980, with Maezumi, Roshi. He was ordained in 1990 and in 2000, after advice and consultation with other Zen teachers, he received Dharma transmission from Chozen, Roshi. Hogen holds a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a master’s degree in psychology.

Hogen and Chozen both continue their training with Shodo Harada, Roshi, a Rinzai Zen teacher, who is the abbot of Sogen-ji monastery in Japan.

Kim Hoben Hansen has been authorized by Hogen and Chozen as a dharma holder and he leads the North Shore Zendo under their direction. He is authorized by them to give talks, conduct practice interviews and lead short retreats. Hoben began practicing Zen Buddhism in 1995 and has trained with Chozen and Hogen since 1996.


address and contact information

Our zendo is located in the upper Lonsdale area of North Vancouver at:

4080 St. Georges Ave.
North Vancouver, BC V7N 1W8

Please contact:

Kim Hoben Hansen
Tel: 604-985-2347
Email: kimhansen@telus.net

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